North Oshawa Yard Sale Time!

North Oshawa Yard Sale Time!

Welcome! Whether you are a shopper or a seller, you are in the right place for the June 23rd Community wide yard sale in North Oshawa.

On June 23rd join in on the fun as over 30 homes take part in the 1st annual community wide North Oshawa yard sale. The yard sales will all be posted on a google map that you can view under the Map! Map! Map! menu to the side. Want to sign up to have your home listed? Great! Please see all the details in the Detail menu to the side or email Sherry at

We will be posting Yard sale tips, tricks and fun articles along with updates on the sale and all advertising as we near the event. Please feel free to share and tell friends!

-Your Sponsor Hosts,

Lisa, Lauren and Sherry

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